The Arena of Verona, and what else can we say? Here, in the Arena of Verona, the most beautiful stories end. We remember that, don’t we? The 2010 Giro d’Italia, and that triumphant entrance of Ivan Basso, winner and hero. And it is nice to connect with a thin thread that day, to today’s arrival: a time trial that closed our Giro d’Italia, with different feelings but with the same desire to be there. Sure, we will now tell about results and give numbers. Which risk, however, flattening the beauty of what it was. An honor, to have come here together. And for analysis, for budgets, for words: here, for all this there will be time in the coming days. I promise.


Fetter 24’13 (23°)

Albanese 24’48 (38°)

Rosa 24’48 (39°)

Fortunato 25’07’’ (61°)

Rivi 25’17’’(66°)

Maestri 25’27’’ (73°)

Gavazzi 26’05’’(106°)

Bais 26’08’’ (108°)



Fortunato 15° a 33’ 15’’


Maurizio Borserini

Eolo Kometa
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