11 October: Coppa Agostoni
13 October: Giro del Veneto
17 October: Veneto Classic

The first season of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team in the ProTeam category closes this coming week with the participation in three one-day races, one in Lombardy and two in Veneto, distributed during this week of October. First, the Coppa Ugo Agostoni in Lissone, the traditional last race of the Lombardy triptych. Then, the revived Giro del Veneto. Finally, the new Veneto Classic. For this block of races, the sports management will count on the same riders who will take part in the Giro of Lombardia, although Samuele Rivi will join the team in place of Mark Christian for the last two races.


The Coppa Agostoni-Giro delle Brianze returns to the roads after the forced absence of 2020. The race presents a very interesting route, with a demanding circuit that links the climbs of Sirtori, Colle Brianza and Lissono in just 24 kilometres and that will be ridden by the cyclists on four occasions. A very spicy terrain on which the riders will surely select their development.

The Giro del Veneto, whose last edition was held in 2013, returns to the calendar thanks to the project headed by Filippo Pozzatto and Jonny Moletta, Ride the Dreamland, through which to launch a long-distance race, a bike race and two top-level cycling competitions. This race was born in 1909, with Girardengo, Binda, Coppi, Magni, De Vlaeminck or Moser among other great names on its list of winners and with the help of the Sociéta Ciclista Padovani it reached its great moments of stability during the sixties, seventies and eighties. The route of this 2021 has several orographic difficulties in the middle of its route that invite to think in a sprint resolution by a reduced group.


The Veneto Classic, on the other hand, will be the race with which the Contador Foundation project will conclude its season. An unprecedented Veneto Classic that is born with a vocation for continuity and growth. At the start, the Muro di Cá de Poggio, with its steep slopes (up to 18%) despite its short length (just over one kilometre) in the middle of the hills where the vines that give life to Prosecco are grown. At the end, there is a chain of passes through La Rosina, up to four, and La Tisa, in two. And the last pass through La Rosina just seven kilometres from the finish.

74º Coppa Agostoni: Lissone – Lissone (180 km).

84º Giro del Veneto: Citadella – Padova (168.6 km).

I Veneto Classic: Venezia / Mestre – Bassano del Grappa (206 km).

[ Maurizio Borserini]

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