115º Giro de Lombardía
Como-Bergamo (239 km)

These are not races. These are open-air monuments, they are works of art, they are stories to listen to and to watch. The beauty of this sport, the beauty of life, the beauty of being here to experience days like these: ladies and gentlemen, here is the Giro di Lombardia. And it is wonderful to be here for the first time, for us of EOLO-KOMETA, great among the greats, still able to amaze us for what happens around us.

And the great thing, but really great, is that EOLO-KOMETA did not go to the Giro di Lombardia to watch the others race: no, not at all. Because while the giants were fighting and making a spectacle of themselves – Pogacar, who then won over a very good Masnada, and Alaphilippe, and Roglic – our team was there. And they were there with Lorenzo Fortunato, who was able to stay in front with the strongest and to arrive fifteenth on the finish line in Bergamo: this wonderful season is coming to an end for him, and he is continuing to grow with the constancy needed to become great. Very good, Fortu, in fighting uphill when everyone has opened the throttle. Great at riding his bike on a technical and difficult descent. Great at arriving.

“And I – says Fortunato – am very happy. Because at these end-of-season races I was asking for confirmation of what had happened at the Giro and the Adriatica Ionica, and this confirmation came. I felt and saw that I can be there, even with the strongest, and I’ll carry this conviction with me for the future. Now I still have two races ahead of me, then I’ll pull the plug a bit: but the sensations I felt at the Giro di Sicilia and in this Lombardia mean a lot to me. I already look at next year, I imagine and dream about it: and I dream about it very beautiful”.

[ Maurizio Borserini]

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