38th Clásica Premundial / 38th Mundialaren Aurreko Klasikoa
Beasain-Beasain (114 km)

Gerard Bofill, Raúl García, Alejandro Luna, José Luis Medina, Javier Serrano, Fernando Tercero are the six riders selected by the director Guillermo Gutiérrez to take part this coming Sunday 1st in a new edition of the Clásica Premundial that is held in Beasain by the hand of the always active Loinaz T. E. The appointment Gipuzkoa, one of the most prestigious of the calendar in the category, will host the last competition of the season for the youth team of the Alberto Contador Foundation. A campaign full of successes that will be unforgettable.

The Kometa Cycling Team already stepped on the podium of the Basque race in its last edition, when the structure was imposed in the overall teams and the Granada Carlos Rodríguez finished third in a race where the victory went to the bag of Jokin Barrenetxea. Then, and the script can easily be reproduced again, the second of the two climbs to Olaberria was decisive.

Olaberria will very possibly be the key point of this edition of the Klasikoa, in which some changes in the itinerary take place. But Olaberria rules. And above all the second step, which is crowned a little more than six kilometers to the end.  Liernia (km 38.5), Altzo (km 65), Olaberria (km 85.9), Liernia (km 99.3) and Olaberria (km 108.7) are the five points for the mountain grand prix. A proposal that demands a good moment of form and a solid block capable of resolving complicated situations in the face of the forecast of many breakaway attempts.

“The Clásica Premundial is one of the most important races in the youth calendar and only for that reason is an objective in itself. The truth is that in a season as beautiful as this, in which the team has performed at a very high level and has harvested very important results, it would be a great finale to achieve a good result here. It’s not going to be easy, it’s a race with a very high level and a very demanding track”, explains Guillermo Gutiérrez, director of the Kometa Cycling Team.

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