The CEIP Maestro José Arenas Pulido (known for many years as Colegio Santiago Guillén, hence we respect the old name in the headline) from the town of Alcalá del Valle in Cadiz attended this week the return of one of its former students to give several talks with cycling as the central theme. That former student is Sergio García, the rider of a Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team who stayed in their facilities since childhood until the sixth course of primary.

“A teacher at the school told me that it could be something very nice, that the children were very curious to see me, to talk to me and to know how it has been the evolution since I started until this present moment of my sport career”, indicates García.

The rider of the continental team of the Alberto Contador Foundation spoke to a passionate audience about what the day-to-day life of a professional cyclist is like. During the talk he also presented his bike, talked about the type of shoes they use, showed them his helmet and invited them to always wear it, as well as emphasizing road safety issues.

“The truth is that we were quite entertained,” smiles Sergio. “The children asked me a lot of questions of all kinds. What is my diet, what are my trainings like? In his last competition Garcia signed an outstanding eighth place in the overall final of the Vuelta a Murcia, a race in which he was one of the great protagonists of the first stage.

This type of presence in schools is one of the most satisfying tasks within an Alberto Contador Foundation that has among its fundamental objectives the goal of promoting cycling and cycling not as a sport in itself, but as a leisure activity and a sustainable and healthy means of transport.

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