The splendid solitude (or almost) of Rivi

News · 8 May, 2022

Tour of Italy
3rd stage Kaposvar – Balatonfurer

A cyclist alone is a happy cyclist. Because this is a sport that seeks solitude: leaving everyone behind, looking for an escape, leaving the group. And it doesn’t matter if at the end the group comes back, if at the end someone else wins: the escape is the essence of cycling, and today we went on the run with someone who knows about escapes. Samuele Rivi sprinted a few hundred meters after the start and gave himself 150 km of relative solitude, along with two fellow adventurers. Many hours of live TV, many words of the commentators for him and the EOLO-KOMETA, an action that also means to honor a race like the Giro. Yes, in the end it was a sprint in the stage that greeted Hungary before returning to Italy. And the sprint was won by a phenomenon like Mark Cavendish, with our Albanese arriving in 14th position. Tomorrow, all on the plane for Sicily and attention: Tuesday, you climb on his majesty Mount Etna.

Samuele Rivi: “I like to go in flight, by now you have learned to know me: I did it at Sanremo, I did it and I will do it again here at the Giro. In this stage there were no climbs, so it went well enough and the group let us do it for a while, and it was nice to be together with Mattia Bais, a guy from Trentino like me. You will see me again in the breakaway, I promise”.

📷 Maurizio Borserini , Sprint Cycling

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