A representation of all the sports structures of the Alberto Contador Foundation visited Gobik’s facilities in Yecla on Tuesday to learn more about all the particularities of the production process of the garments they wear in the competitions of their different categories. The company from Murcia, technical sponsor of the Alberto Contador Foundation teams, has become a reference in the market for the quality of its products, for its firm commitment to design and for its attention to detail.

Juan Camacho, Isaac Cantón and Diego Pablo Sevilla, on behalf of the continental team, Carlos García, as representative of the U23 team, and Raúl García and Alejandro Luna, members of the junior team, formed an expedition led by the director of the continental team Jesús Hernández and by the Marketing & Sponsors Relationship Manager Paco Romero. On the part of Gobik, Sebastián Amer, Alberto Ayala and Gino Dona discovered to the members of the team the details of the making of the garments, the different levels and steps of the manufacturing dynamics; the runners were even able to talk with the founding partners of the emerging firm from Murcia, José Ramón Ortín and Alberto García.

In their commitment to take into account the requests and feedback of their customers, Gobik showed great interest in knowing, once again, first hand all the sensations provided by their products in high competition, being interested in their performance in the most different climatic situations. There is no test field like competition, but at the same time there are many and varied types of cyclists.

All the riders, at the time of valuing the experience, agreed on an idea: “Very interesting”. “This type of initiative also helps you to value the material, all the work behind it”, says Isaac Cantón, from La Mancha. “It’s very curious to see how they work the designs that are then seen on the road,” says Madrid’s Carlos García. “Personally I didn’t know how to make a garment, not at least in depth, and this experience has seemed very revealing to me. I was surprised that, faced with the idea that all processes can be super-mechanized, they are very manual processes,” says Alejandro Luna, a first-year youth cyclist who was also part of the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy that also supports the Foundation.

“It was a visit we had been waiting for a long time. Since we started working together at the beginning of the year, we had valued this possibility, but the obligations of the different cycling calendars had not allowed it until now. For us it is a pride to work hand in hand with Gobik, a firm that despite its youth is a reference in a world as complex as cycling. There is nothing free, they wo rk very hard. This visit is also another way of transmitting that message to the runners: hard work always has its reward. With the quality of their clothes and their design we are unmistakable within the pack,” says Paco Romero.

José Ramón Ortín, Gobik’s partner, admits that “we want riders to play an active role in the design of garments, to give us their experience on the materials, the performance… that they feel a part in the development of the product. We don’t think of any other way to continue improving and delivering the best garments for both the competition and the enthusiast”.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)

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