Time for renewal for the junior squad of the Contador Foundation. The team that has competed this season under the motto EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team will have a squad of thirteen riders, two less compared to this 2023, in which up to eight riders will be second-year riders and will have three foreign riders. The youth formation of the Contador Foundation, which will be directed by Isaac Canton from La Mancha in what will be his twelfth season of existence, maintains Iker Díaz from Bilbao, Pablo Leno from Extremadura, Iván Loaisa from Granada and Hugo Pradas from Madrid.

From Bormio (Italy), the birthplace of the Kometa brand, the first year junior Matteo Compagnoni (E’ Valtellina), a rider from Valfurva, will arrive. The Portuguese José Miguel Moreira, who with Silva & Vinha-ADRAP has won this year the overall final of the Taça de Portugal junior and finished fourth in the Volta a Portugal of the category, and the Colombian Robinson Rincón Quijano (Bicicletas Strongman), champion of his country and Pan-American champion against the clock, will face their last year as juniors in the ranks of the Contador Foundation.

The team is reinforced with the riders from the Comunitat Valenciana Óscar Orts and Iván Martín, who make the jump from cadets. Orts, trained in Grupo Deportivo Llopis and Club Ciclista San Vicente, is a cyclist who has stood out in the Spanish Championships of track cycling in the cadet category (titles in the Omnium, Madison, Elimination and Scoring) and who this year won the Gran Premio Ciclista San Sebastián de los Reyes. Martín, a rider trained at the Bicicletas Sanchis Cycling School who comes from the Juan Giner Ulevel Vitaldinsport of the Penya Ciclista Pinedo, won this year’s Trofeu Festes de Manuel and has shown great consistency in the regional calendar.

Also from the Comunitat Valenciana comes Héctor Teruel, a second year junior rider from Ayora who this season has competed in the GSsport+Vatios with very interesting results in the Comunitat Valenciana calendar and with good performances in the last Bizkaiko Itzulia.

Three riders from Madrid, two freshmen and one sophomore, complete the team’s roster for 2024. From the Unión Ciclista Fuenlabrada cadet team come Carlos Moreno and Ignacio Sánchez, both with consistent performances in the calendars of the Community of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León. After a year with Ciudad de Talavera, Eleazar Jiménez faces his second season in the category with the Fundación Contador. The rider from Madrid, resident in Seseña, was part of the Escuela de Ciclismo Plaza Éboli from frying up to infantile. This season he has experienced a great evolution.

Isaac Cantón: “We face a deep and exciting renewal of the team after the promotion of four riders like Balint Feldhoffer, Sergio Calvo, Gerard Cano and Manuel Sanroma to the U23 team and some more who will face the jump in other structures. Only four riders remain in the team from last season and that in itself is a big change. It’s a very interesting group of guys, who have already had their moments in various races, and I think we’re going to work with a very good team on the basis of a more or less similar calendar to this year, with trips abroad, although we’ll try not to double up so much in the first part of the season and have more content in August and September. All the boys have a lot of room for progression and we hope to help them to give it to continue to progress in this sport”.

Squad 2024.
First year as U19.
Matteo Compagnoni (Italy)
Óscar Orts (Spain)
Iván Martín (Spain)
Carlos Moreno (Spain)
Nacho Sánchez (Spain)

Second Year as U19.
Iker Díaz (Spain)
Eleazar Jiménez (Spain)
Pablo Leno (Spain)
Ivan Loaisa (Spain)
Jose Miguel Moreira (Portugal)
Hugo Pradas (Spain)
Robinson Quijano (Colombia)
Héctor Teruel (Spain)

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