This Giro presented itself bringing with it all that it is capable of giving.

It has brought with it the emotions of that child who managed to get the EOLO-KOMETA cap from Diego Rosa, and those astonished eyes of those who received the most unexpected gift are the most beautiful image of today’s presentation.

He brought with him the people’s desire to be there: after two years of silence and empty streets that are the negation of everything that is cycling, and the square full of Budapest shouted that the beauty – of the riders, of the clouds reflected in the Danube, of the pink flags – is stronger than anything.

He brought with him the dreams, and after all everyone has his own. There are those who dream of winning a stage, those who dream of wearing the pink jersey even if only for one day, those who dream of putting their name there at the top of the classification. And there are also those who are already living their dream, because he has been imagining the Giro d’Italia ever since he first pedaled on that rickety bike whose wheels his father had just removed.

He brought with him what will happen starting from Friday: fatigue, climbs, heat, rain, victories, defeats, hours spent waiting for the group to pass, arms raised, anger, tears. And it will be a beautiful journey, to be savored and lived day by day.

He brought the “we” with him. The EOLO-KOMETA is here, it is at the Giro d’Italia, once again. And you should never get used to beautiful things, you should never take them for granted: you have to enjoy them, you have to deserve them, you have to love them. We are here, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. And we will do everything, really everything, to make each of the next twenty-five days unique.

Francesco, Mirco, Diego, Erik, Lorenzo, Samuele, Davide, Vincenzo


Maurizio Borserini

Eolo Kometa
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