Today was Erik Fetter’s day

News · 7 May, 2022

Giro d’Italia
2nd stage, Budapest-Budapest

No, this time, we’re not talking numbers. This time, let’s talk about noise. Because we’ve missed so much noise. The Giro and cycling have officially found it again yesterday, in the time trial that has zigzagged through Budapest to climb on his castle for a beautiful and spectacular arrival. People, so many people. And its noise, beautiful, to return essence to cycling.

Different noises, of course: because cycling fans applaud all but go crazy for a few, and the people here are crazy for our Erik Fetter. Idol of a people that in a few years has become passionate about this sport, king of the crowds thanks to the Hungarian national champion jersey with which he raced through the streets of his city. And these days, made like this, bring us a little closer to that idea of normality we’ve been thinking about for so long and that today seemed to be just a step away. So close, that we touched it: and it was beautiful.

Then, of course, there was also the sporting result. And here it is: 45th Erik Fetter (+38” from the winner Yates), 62nd Albanese (+43”), 85th Maestri (+53”), 105th Rivi (+1′), 119th Bais (+1’06”), 149th Gavazzi (+1’15”), 156th Rosa (+1’20”), 158th Fortunato (+1’22”).

But we prefer to tell about the emotions. Those of Erik: “It’s not easy to express what I feel and what I’ve felt, I’ll need a few days to digest what happened today. I can only say that I am grateful and impressed by all the Hungarian fans who came out in the streets today and made this day unforgettable. For me, for the other two Hungarians in the group, but also for all the other riders. It’s amazing what’s happening in Hungary, and I never even dared to dream of what happened today. So, thank you to everyone. To everyone.”


📷 Maurizio Borserini , Sprint Cycling

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