The Italian tourism Uvet Group is extending and intensifying its presence in the teams of the Alberto Contador Foundation for the next season. After disembarking as a sponsor in 2019, the multinational chaired by Luca Patanè will increase its economic support. At the same time, Luke Air will be present in the new Kometa-Xstra equipment.

Luke Air is the new name under which the Blue Panorama airline will be known, a company that was acquired in 2017 by a Uvet Group that since then has not stopped boosting its growth and internationalization. It currently operates short-, medium- and long-haul routes.

In addition to its pre-eminent position within the Italian territory, both continental and insular, or its large presence in Albania, the company also offers direct connections with various destinations in Greece, with South America, mainly with the environment of the Caribbean Sea, and with several points in Africa. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Antigua and Mexico are some of the destinations in the Americas. On the African continent it operates routes to Tanzania, Kenya or Cape Verde.

The announcement of the change in nomenclature took place at the end of November as part of the latest edition of the BizTravelForum in Milan, an event promoted by the Uvet Group itself, which in its almost two decades has become one of the major annual events linked to the travel and tourism sector in all its aspects. There, Luca Patanè also announced that both commercial brands, Luke Air and Blue Panorama, will still coexist for a few months while the change of decoration in the aircraft is completed.

Fran Contador, general manager of the Alberto Contador Foundation: “We are very happy to be able to continue counting on the support of Luca Patanè in the development of our integral cycling project. Uvet Group believes again in our work and their confidence consolidates even more if possible the strength of this third adventure that we are going to initiate in the category. In addition, we have that additional point of responsibility that gives us the ambition to be the best ambassadors of an airline like Luke Air, a company that does not stop growing and faces an exciting future with its change of name”.

Luca Patanè, president of Uvet Group: “We love challenges that seem impossible and we like tackling hard climbs, as Ivan and Alberto did in their great careers and still doing now with Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team. It is a pleasure for Uvet to be a part of this project focused on young talents and aimed at achieving great results by just relying on Uvet’s own philosophy: day-by-day strong work”.

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