The latest arrival, called to embellish next year’s team. A rider who will be able to bring with him those values that are mandatory in this group: sacrifice, work, seriousness. A boy who, here at EOLO KOMETA, will have the unique opportunity to run together with his brother Davide: welcome, Mattia Bais!

Born in Rovereto on October 19, 1996, Mattia has always raced together with his brother Davide with whom he shares a passion for cycling and mountains. His first pedal strokes with the Mori jersey, then with Trento’s Forti e Veloci and Montecorona. In 2015, the jump to the U23s with Team Event Soullimit and then moved on to Cycling Team Friuli, with which in 2019 he switched to the Continental category. Also in 2019 here is the move to Androni-Sidermec and, in 2022, to Drone Hopper with which he raced the last Giro d’Italia putting himself on show with his breakaways from afar.

“I am delighted to have arrived in this team,” he says enthusiastically, “because I used to hear my brother’s stories and see how he worked, and so I always had the image of a great team: a serious, compact team, capable of developing riders well and putting them on the right path”. The arrival in the EOLO KOMETA, as often happens, materialized with a phone call from Ivan Basso: “Ivan and I had already talked last year, then nothing came of it but there has always been a mutual interest that this year has become reality. If I am here I owe it to him, but also to Stefano Zanatta because I know he wanted me.”

And the relationship with his brother Davide? “We get along very well and we grew up together, as kids and as amateurs we raced together and together we decided to try cycling when we had to choose a sport: we were nine years old, the alternative was motocross but motorcycles were a little scary for me so we chose cycling. Who is stronger between me and Davide? Me, of course! Joking aside, it will be great to have brother on the team because he is someone you can trust blindly: we will share everything starting from training sessions, and I am sure everyone will always be ready to lend a hand to the other without needing to talk.”

What kind of rider is he, Mattia? “A climber passer, I am someone who loves to get in front and push for many kilometers and who makes endurance his strength. At the Giro d’Italia I always stood out as one of the most combative riders and most often in the breakaway-I’m like that.” And when he’s not on his bike? “I, like Davide, love the mountains: we’re setting up a little house in our neck of the woods, in a beautiful place. When we’re not pedaling, we like to work on our house.”



CONFIRMED: Vincenzo Albanese (Ita), Davide Bais (Ita), Simone Bevilacqua (Ita), Alessandro Fancellu (Ita), Erik Fetter (Ung) Lorenzo Fortunato (Ita), Francesco Gavazzi (Ita), Giovanni Lonardi (Ita), Alex Martin (Spa), David Martin (Spa), Mirco Maestri (Ita), Samuele Rivi (Ita), Diego Pablo Sevilla (Spa).

NEW: Andrea Garosio (Ita – from Biesse-Carrera), Mattia Bais (Ita, from Drone Hopper), Andrea Pietrobon (Ita – Eolo U23), Davide Piganzoli (Ita – Eolo U23) Simone Raccani (Ita – Zalf Euromobil Fior), Javier Serrano (Spa – Eolo U23) Fernando Tercero (Spa – Eolo U23).

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