Giro d'Italia
6th stage: Napoli-Napoli (162 km)

Again today, a stage to be told. Dramatic and cruel as cycling knows how to be, with the breakaway of De Marchi and Clarke caught with 300 meters to go (and we know what that means, after last year’s Giro: right Maestri?), with the sprint victory of Mats Pedersen ahead of Jonathan Milan and Pascal Ackermann, with another luxurious placement for our Vincenzo Albanese who on his home roads hit seventh place. Is that all there is to it? Of course not: because there is also Francesco Gavazzi’s day to be told, with the captain leading the breakaway that characterized the stage. He went away along with De Marchi and Clarke (the last, then, to surrender) with Quarterman and Delettre. The small group worked with a good agreement until the second climb of the day when De Marchi and Clarke changed pace going in pursuit of their dream shattered a few meters from the finish. 

We told about Albanese’s sprint, we must then send a hug to Maestri: battered after yesterday’s crash, he gritted his teeth against pain and injuries to make it to the finish. Bravo.

In the bus, with our sponsors – Photo Maurizio Borserini

Francesco Gavazzi: “On today’s day I can only say that I was good at catching the breakaway, but in the end it was not a great stage for me. Too bad…”

Vincenzo Albanese: “What can I say? Another placing. I keep looking for the win, but the win doesn’t come. Really, though, it’s okay.”

Mirco Maestri: “We knew today would be tough, and even talking with the directors we had decided that the important thing was to save ourselves. I came “shredded,” but I saved myself. Now I have to grit my teeth and wait for the rest day, I have to recover and find those feelings I had until yesterday. I was fine, I was really fine: but I’m sure I’ll be back to my old self.”

Stefano Zanatta: “As we had thought this morning, we caught the day’s breakaway with Gavazzi who was good at getting into the small group of attackers and even though he suffered a bit on the climb he still did a great action. Behind the group was always going strong, we were all good at staying next to Fortunato and Albanese so as not to take any risks. Then Vincenzo made the sprint bringing home another top 10, so let’s say the day was positive. Maestri suffered a bit after yesterday’s crash but still made it to the finish line: and tomorrow, it’s another day.”

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