With good sensations before the renovated layout of the Circuit of Getxo

News · 29 July, 2019

74º Circuito de Getxo
Getxo-Getxo (196 km)

A 24-kilometre circuit on which to complete eight laps supports a revamped edition of the Getxo Circuit, which honours its name more than ever. In its fixed date, the day of Saint Ignatius of a very festive calendar those days in the town, the test organized by the Cycling Society Punta Galea have hardened their proposal with the climb to the so-called Alto Quirón, in Leioa (a slope of the very cyclist Alto de Unbe), and the wall of Txomintxu (those 800 meters to 14% of the wall of Arkotxa) in the final part, facing the finish line in the street of Fueros.

Safety has been one of the factors that have sought to reward from the organization with this change, in addition to seeking a dispute of the most spectacular race. It costs a lot to organize races in Spain and both Ordizia and Getxo are two ‘rara avis’ whose existence should not only be congratulated, but also protected. The date getxotarra goes ahead with a budget of 85.0000 euros. With the modification of the itinerary, a dangerous passage through Berango is avoided and a few kilometres are grown compared to previous editions. The Getxo Circuit caresses the 200 kilometres. A new step after the jump to 185 km in 2018 after a decade celebrated over 170 km. The Andra Mari neighbourhood is also out of the itinerary.

And all this, curiously, with a return less to the circuit with respect to previous editions. The proposed new layout has been designed and supervised by Jonathan Castroviejo from Bizkaia, trained in the lower categories of the Punta Galea Cycling Society. “We wanted to do something different and more attractive, new and modern, but without forgetting our roots. We wanted to change but keep the essential: the fact of being an urban circuit and of being the race of the people; this race belongs to the people and for the people of the town”, indicated Mikel Guinea, president of the Punta Galea Cycling Society a few days ago.

The Italian Stefano Oldani leads a team completed in Biscay by Juan Camacho, Isaac Cantón, José Antonio García, Antonio Puppio, Diego Pablo Sevilla and Daniel Viegas. A majority of the runners arrive after competing on Thursday 25th in the Villafranca Ordiziako Klasika Race. For the Milanese, the characteristics of this circuit can go very well. And the Kometa Cycling Team comes with a team capable of contributing to the control of the race at the same time as being very capable of catching possible escapes.

“Of course I like the profile of the circuit very much, he calls me. Now all that remains is to see how the legs will respond and how the day will unfold. Although, as always, we will give everything for this team. I think I have assimilated well the efforts of the Giro del Valle de Aosta. It was a tough race, a lot, but the body is responding well,” says Oldani about his moment and how he faces the Getxo Circuit.

Isaac Cantón is also very motivated. The runner from La Mancha, ninth in Ordizia, completed his best position of the whole season. It is not the same profile nor is it a test that suits him so well to its characteristics, but that is not an obstacle to rule out seeing him ahead. “Sometimes I think I need to trust myself a little more, because I know I can ride closer to the head of the race, as in Ordizia. Of course in Getxo I’m going to squeeze myself, I’m going to give everything. I know I can live up to it”, concludes Argamasilla de Alba.

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