“With Supersapiens, a step forward.”

News · 18 February, 2022

Carlos Barredo, after a career as a rider made of generosity and a beautiful personal palmares, has made a choice: to remain in the world of cycling, maintaining a protagonist role.

For someone like him, always attentive to details and programming and a very precise worker, it was natural to decide to become a coach. Today he’s the coach manager of Eolo-Kometa, the man who, not his staff, is behind the preparation of the cyclists in the blue jersey. And it’s with him that it’s easy to talk about Supersapiens, from this year partner of the team and support in the trainings.

“For us – Barredo explains – the arrival of Supersapiens has been an important step forward. Because it allows us to control the evolution of glucose in the athletes’ bodies and thus have a relationship between the work we give the guys on a daily basis and what happens inside their bodies”.

What are the benefits, for your staff and for the athletes?
Clearly, we can only use Supersapiens in training, but we have the advantage of managing food intake when the kids are on the bike and when they are not. When cycling, it’s important to have energy stability and never drop, avoiding moments of emptiness that block your legs.

And instead in the periods of recovery, when athletes are not cycling?
When you’re not cycling you need to manage recovery to avoid peaks and be able to replenish the body’s glycogen stores. So you can be ready for your next workout or race day.

📷 Maurizio Borserini

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