Based on an agreement reached in recent weeks between Fran Contador, general manager of the sports structure, Giacomo Pedranzini, CEO of Kometa, and John Ramussen, CEO of Xstra Digital Storage, will the cycling structures of the Alberto Contador Foundation next season be named Kometa-Xstra.

Xstra Digital Storage, based in Oosterhout, near Breda (The Netherlands) is an innovative high-tech company providing Flash and DRAM data storage products and solutions to enterprise, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and defence industries as well as to the consumer market.

“We had been discussing this possibility for a few weeks and were finally able to come to an agreement, the details of which we polished up a few days later in Amsterdam. Kometa remains the first name sponsor, Giacomo Pedranzini is very happy with all the work that is being done. Xstra joins the team with strength and is going to give us a plus of stability”, assesses Fran Contador, general manager of the Alberto Contador Foundation.

Ivan Basso, Kometa-Xstra sports manager: “John Rasmussen has a great passion for this sport and has previously been linked to a pro cycling team, as one of the owners of the company behind the team formerly known as Team CSC. After a long time we meet again by coincidence in a restaurant in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. We talked about the structure of the cycling world and the project of the foundation and almost immediately this possibility arose. John is a great entrepreneur, an innovator and also a firm believer in sports sponsorship; with his experience in the business world he will certainly bring us new points of view for the development of the team. He is not only a sponsor, he is also a friend, a partner and a great cyclist. We are very grateful for his confidence in our project”.

John Rasmussen, CEO of Xstra: “During the reunion with Ivan Basso, last august, we were able to share our thoughts about developments in the world of cycling and Ivan also summed up the work they are doing at the Foundation. I really liked what Ivan Basso was telling me about the Alberto Contador Foundation, and we agreed to continue our talks. I share the philosophy of the Foundation’s work, it coincides with mine. And having two champions like Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso in the same team is a unique winning combination. I firmly believe that our new partnership is a great opportunity for our company and for the Foundation”.

“Warm welcome to XSTRA our  co-sponsor  in the team. I believe we will benefit from their long experience in cycling, and we count on their contribution to strengthen the team, to innovate and together be more effective in conveying our core values”, said Giacomo Pedranzini, CEO of Kometa.

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